Ebbesbourne Wake - St John the Baptist &

Fifield Bavant - St Martin

Vicar: The Rev. Dr Ruth Howlett-Shipley

About Ebbesbourne Wake &

Fifield Bavant

Ebbesbourne Wake (pop 210) is the largest with most houses around the centre, but some are outlying and West End joins Ebbesbourne and Alvediston. The Horseshoe pub is very popular, while the Village Hall is a centre for all 3 villages. It hosts the 'Alvewake' fête, flower show, film club, concerts and special occasions like the Coronation Tea.  Farms are mainly arable and livestock pasture, with a commercial shoot. Ebbesbourne shares a Parish Council with Fifield.

Ebbesbourne Wake Saint John the Baptist

Fifield Bavant Saint Martin

To the east, there is evidence in field contours of the medieval village in Fifield Bavant (pop 22), deserted due to the plague. Now there are 12 dwellings: Manor Farm House, the former rectory and 10 farm cottages.  Some of the farm buildings are let as stables and workshops. The farm is mainly arable with grazing and a shoot.



Ebbesbourne Wake

1st Sunday of the month - 11.00am  - Morning Prayer (BCP)

3rd Sunday of the month - 11.00am - Family Communion (CW)

Fifeld Bavant

2nd Sunday of the month - 3.00pm - Evening Prayer