Nunton - St Andrew and Odstock - St Mary

Vicar - The Rev. Dr Ruth Howlett-Shipley

Churchwarden Nunton- Steph Elcock

Churchwarden Odstock - Mary Boyd-Camps

About Nunton & Odstock

ONB (pop 550), short for Odstock, Nunton, and Bodenham, is a charming community nestled towards the eastern end of the picturesque Chalke Valley on the eastern edge of the Chalke Deanery. The civic parish boasts two churches, two hospitals (Salisbury District and New Hall), two pubs, a village hall, a nursery school, a dental centre and a local 'milk hut' where fresh milk from the 800 dairy cattle that roam the village fields is sold, and Longford castle.

Saint Mary Alvidiston

Odstock Saint Mary

The villages collaborate frequently, pooling their resources and creative abilities, particularly for the annual Christmas 'Review/Panto' which is always a sell-out. The summer Ebblefest, a combined fete and music festival, draws people from a wide area and raises funds for local charities and churches. In the summer months, car boot sales provide regular competition to church services! The Nunton field is used by the local football clubs during the winter.




2nd Sunday of the month - 9.30am - Family Communion (CW)

4th Sunday of the month - 11.00am - Family Service


1st Sunday of the month - 11.00am - Family Service

3rd Sunday of the month - 9.30am - Parish Communion (CW)